Custom Mould, Maximum Protection

Dunfermline Hearing Centre supply Cluistrom Custom products which are the most advanced passive products on the market today and the same products provided to many blue chip companies in Europe as well as our own Regional Council staff.

Custom fit hearing devices provide an individual and unique fit with guaranteed levels of protection. Produced from silicone free or laser impressions of your own ears, custom fit hearing devices are made from soft, medical-grade materials so users can wear them for longer than standard earplugs, with greater levels of protection.

These products are designed to fit each wearer individually providing attenuation of damaging noise while at the same time allowing safe levels of speech to be heard.

There are a variety of options from general use to specialised products for specific purposes, available in a choice of colours. Custom hearing protection is available from just Ā£90 per pair. Ask in-store for details.

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Our Process

At Dunfermline Hearing Centre we obtain individual ear impressions in two different ways depending on the product being ordered. We use traditional Room Temperature Vulcanising silicone and the newer handheld laser 3D scanning option.

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