Welcome to our clinic

Dunfermline Hearing Centre is a family owned business boasting over 25 years hearing care experience.

We offer a totally client focused hearing consultation process with real one to one appointments and dedicated, non-commissioned audiologists who deals with every aspect of your journey to better and clearer hearing.

Meet The Team

Our Team

Neil Mcintosh

Managing Director

Neil is a full qualified audiologist and has worked with some of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the world.

David Carswell

Regional Sales Manager

David has worked in senior management roles with some of the largest hearing aid retailers in the country.

Martin Watson


An integral part of the team working within custom moulded hearing protection as well as carrying out clinical duties.

George Brown

Front of House

Geo likes nothing more than getting his desk cleared. A genuine clean freak, he is just as exacting in his work and looks after all of the paperwork.

Malcolm Cameron

Regional Sales Manager

Malcolm enjoys everything sales and when he's not selling KUDUWave's, he's often found at football matches or driving around in his fancy car.

Kylie Hodge

Financial Director

When purchasing hearing aids or hearing protection, you can be rest assured your payments will be well taken care of by our Finance Director, Kylie.

Tracey Watson

Customer Care

Tracey is our Front of House Customer Care. Everything you need she will provide with excellent service. When she's not at work, she enjoys baking cakes and taking her dog for walks.

Vicky du Toit

IT & Marketing

Vicky is always on hand to update our website, manage our social media and launch awesome marketing campaigns.